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Milwaukee area dog walking spots (part two)

Kona is the best part of my life. We go on many adventures together and LOTS of walks! Most days, we roam around our neighborhood, but we love to jump in the car and visit other spots in the area for a change of pace. Here are a few of my favorite dog walking spots in Milwaukee. This list is a two-parter, you can find the first part here.

7 Bridges Trail in Grant Park

Back to the south side of Milwaukee, Seven Bridges Trail was new for Kona and I in 2023, but we loved it. The trail is located right along the shore of Lake Michigan and we love a beach (even in the snow). There are numerous foot bridges (seven), stone paths, and creeks along the route. I cannot wait to take her here in the summer and fully enjoy the lakefront.

Estabrook Park

Located in Shorewood, Estabrook is one of my all-time favorite spots to take my pup. Not only is the trail located along the water, but there is a beer garden! There is also a dog park, but Kona doesn't get along well with other dogs, so we typically don't hang out there. Estabrook contains another section of the Oak Leaf trail with paths of pavement, gravel, and mud. There are always people fishing in the river and the greenery surrounding is beautiful.

Lakeshore State Park

In my opinion, this is a park that does not get enough love in Milwaukee. Lakeshore State Park is located right in downtown Milwaukee, practically in the middle of the city. Once you are inside of the park, it feels like an urban oasis. The park connects to both Hank Aaron State Trail and Oak Leaf Trail and it is almost entirely surrounded by water. There is a small beach with plenty of benches to relax and take in the sights of the city landscape. The trail is paved and it runs through the well-maintained prairie restoration area.

Menomonee River Parkway

So this technically is not a park, but it is a trail that we frequent often. There are several sections to the Menomonee River Parkway, but the section in Menomonee Falls is one of our favorites. The parkway follows along the Menomonee River for about 2 miles and includes a footbridge, a waterfall, and several natural areas. The parkway is quite busy so I like to take Kona here earlier in the morning to beat the crowds. There's also room for fishing and a paddle launch if you're looking for a little adventure.


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