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  • 5 Wisconsin & Michigan Waterfalls Worth Visiting

    Did you know that there are waterfalls in Wisconsin? I didn't, until a few years ago. But when I found out I made a personal goal to visit a waterfall whenever I had the chance. I've seen over a dozen at this point, but here are 5 Wisconsin & Michigan waterfalls worth visiting. Potato River Falls Located near the town of Gurney, Wisconsin, Potato River Falls is a sight to behold. There are two large waterfalls - Upper falls and Lower falls. The hike to view the falls is not long, but there are a lot of stairs required - keep that in mind! I visited these falls while it was raining and they were worth the wet clothing. Long Slide Falls Long Slide Falls is located a few miles north of Pembine, WI; approximately 3 hours north of Milwaukee. The falls cascade for about 50 feet and it only takes 1/2 mile out and back to get there. I took Kona to see these waterfalls and I was so impressed! These may be my favorite waterfalls in Wisconsin so far. Dave's Falls Dave's Falls is located inside of Dave's Falls county park in Amberg, Wisconsin. The hike to the falls is lined with beautiful rock formations and is considered easy. There is a small fee to visit the county park, so plan for that before arriving. These waterfalls are absolutely gorgeous! Bond Falls Heading over to Michigan, the Bond Falls are absolutely worth the stop. These falls are located in Haight Township in Ontonagon County. It will take you a little less than 5 hours to get here from Milwaukee. If you heading to the Upper Peninsula, you have to make this stop. The hike from the parking lot to the falls is about .5 mile. Easy peasy! Canyon Falls Canyon Falls are also located in Michigan and are considered to be the "Grand Canyon of the UP." The falls are located in L'Anse, MI along the Sturgeon River. They cascade over 30 feet! The hike to get there is about 2 miles, so make sure to bring your walking shoes.

  • North Dakota in my RV

    I got into Grand Forks, ND around 4:30pm on Saturday afternoon. I got a reservation for the night at Turtle River State Park's campground. It was nice: clean, secluded, good amenities. I made chicken and zucchini on the grill immediately when we arrived cuz ya girl was HANGRY. Then I worked on social media things the rest of the evening. It was nice to get in early(ish) and have time to relax before going to bed instead of the go-go-go we've been doing. Sunday, September 10, 2023: we woke up around 5:30am - Kona's choice. I made coffee and then started getting the RV ready to drive again. We stayed at a campground the night before so I could take care of the RV: dumping and filling the tanks, electricity hookup, showers, etc. After filling my water tank and dumping the "black tank", I went to the showers... and they were locked. I hadn't washed my hair in 5 days so I decided to just do it right there in the parking lot and honestly, no regrets. We headed out to our first destination which was 4 hours away - Lake Sakakawea. We took a gorgeous 2-mile hike when we arrived. The bugs were bad, but the views made up for it. I made lunch and refilled our water bottles but North Dakota water tastes funny. I mean no offense; it's probably normal to them. But compared to Wisconsin water, it's weird. I regretted filling up as many bottles as I did. Back on the road for another 2 hours. A lot of the roads on this leg of the trip were gravel/unpaved and it was not fun. Kona doesn't like when there are ripples in the road, and there were a lot, so she was pacing back and forth nonstop while we were driving. I actually pulled over at one point to try to give her some love so she would calm down - it didn't work. We finally got to Killdeer Mountains at Little Missouri State Park. It is a very beautiful state park that is used a lot for horseback riding. Kona and I began to make a 5-mile loop around the park. It was extremely scenic but an extremely tough hike; we were up and down nonstop. We got about 2 miles in and the trail legitimately just disappeared. The ground isn't normal dirt ground, and whatever it was made out of seemed to have washed away during a storm. We were lost. With zero cell service. So instead of trying to figure it out we just decided to double back the way we came. It ended up being an 75 minute hike and overall it was good. Then we drove another hour to Dickinson, ND to where we were staying for the night: Phat Fish Brewing. We got in around 5:30 and posted up at their outdoor patio. I ordered us some cheese curds which were surprisingly delicious, along with a pizza and beers. The pizza was just ok; probably because it had honey on it and my waitress didn't bring any napkins. It was a mess. The cheese curds, on the other hand, were fire. They came with some sort of seasoned ranch that was also delicious. I tried 3 of their beers and didn't love any of them, but their patio was really nice and the parking situation was great. Monday, September 11th, 2023: I lied about that parking situation - it was right next to a train track and SO loud at least every 3 hours. We did not sleep well. Today we worked all morning at a park in Dickinson, ND. It was the first time I was able to get a workout in and it felt great. Kona enjoyed being able to sleep while I worked; girl has been tired. I wanted to go to Theodore Roosevelt National Park during the day, but the time change really screwed up my schedule and I couldn't fit it in. I decided we would go to the visitors center right before closing to get a national parks pass and then explore the park a little bit. Turns out the visitor center that we went to doesn't sell park passes, and we would not have made it before close to the next visitor center. Bummer. I decided we would just head up to our campsite for the day and visit the park tomorrow. I am so glad that it worked out the way that it did because we ended up being able to get a campsite and it is BEAUTIFUL up here. We are at the top of Little Missouri State Park National Grassland and it is just gorgeous. We are going to hang here for the evening, work on social media things, and get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow we will explore the park (or stay up here all day?) Tuesday, September 12, 2023: We did not go to the park today - we stayed in our spot and honestly I'm more than ok with that! The weather has been SO windy though, so the back door net kept falling down. I tried to put the awning up but it was a total shit show. I cried a little bit but luckily nothing broke. We took a few walks up and down the gravel road that the campsites are on to try to check out all of the other views. I honestly think that I got the best campsite on the block. I ate leftover pizza for lunch (again) and then grilled chicken and sweet potato and zucchini for dinner. I put the mini grill on my foldable table and of course the entire thing fell off. Luckily the veggies were in tinfoil and didn't hit the ground, but the chicken went all over the place. I rinsed it off and cooked it anyway. After dinner, I did some yoga. I also painted my toenails and chatted with Kailagh on the phone for a bit. Wednesday, September 13, 2023: Honestly, I got a little frustrated with life today. I want to see Theodore Roosevelt National Park, but their visitor center closes at 4:30 and I don't want to risk losing my camping spot. I want to be able to spend at least a few hours at the park and can't do that without being there after dark during the week. That being said, I decided to take a half day on Friday. We are going to go to the park during the day and then cross our fingers we can find somewhere to park at night. Then on Saturday morning we will start heading to our next destination(s) which ultimately will be Glacier National Park. I did see wild horses today which was pretty cool. I also got my first "good" workout in, and washed my hair with my outside shower. Overall, it was a good day. Just a little frustrating at times. I took this trip because I don't want to be trapped in Milwaukee, and now I feel like I'm just trapped other places. Maybe Milwaukee isn't the issue; maybe it's having a 9-5. Friday, September 15th. 2023: Today has been rough. The day started out good – had a half day for work. Actually got dressed in real clothes. Put makeup on for the first time in weeks. Then I got to the point where I was getting ready to leave for Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the RV wouldn’t start. I turned the generator on without a problem so I thought I would wait a bit to see if something was just off. After 30 minutes – still nothing. Called my dad and he told me that the battery is dead. So I called Triple A and tried to take matters into my own hands in the meantime by hooking up the house battery charger I bought to the RV and then to the RV battery. That did not work. Triple A showed up after about 90 minutes and jump started the RV. Great. We are on the road again to the park! We finally get our annual pass, start driving around taking pictures of animals and scenery and then I come across a bison. HUGE, close to the road on the passenger side. I go to roll Kona’s window up so she doesn’t scare him, and the entire window slides down and fully disappears. I call my dad and he tries telling me to use duct tape to pull the window glass up – didn’t work. He’s also telling me that I cant turn the RV off because it will die again. So I go to find the nearest battery place – Dickinson. The place that is 30 minutes east; where I was last weekend. I drive to Dickinson, get to the mechanic shop and he starts working on the window. He tells me that a cable snapped and he has to order the part. Mind you, all of this is happening while Kona is freaking out; whining and barking nonstop while I am driving. I also tied her to the back seat of the RV so she wouldn’t try jumping out the front window but she kept getting the tie out stuck underneath the front seat and choking herself. It was a whole thing. After the mechanic told me I would have to come back tomorrow, I decided to make the best of my stay in Dickinson. I went to Walmart and got water, groceries, jumper cables, OH and a new grill. I left that part out. I was so excited that the RV battery was running that I forgot to close the side cabinet and my grill fell out at some point. I heard it happen, but it moves around a lot so I didn't think much of the noise. Whoops. I also found a dump station that was free so we took care of that right away. I wanted to get laundry done, too, but unfortunately the laundromats closed by the time I was ready to get there. I am hoping that the mechanic can actually fix the window tomorrow morning and I can just be on my way. We will be set back a few hours but if I can make it to Glacier before the weekend is over, I will be happy. That’s all I want: Montana. Saturday, September 16, 2023: We stayed at Phat Fish again and were woken up by the trains a bunch but at least we had somewhere to stay. I found a park this morning and took Kona on a 2-mile walk and got rid of all of the garbage in the RV. We headed over to the mechanic at about 8:15am. 2+ hours and $310 later, the window was fixed and we were FINALLY on our merry way to Montana.

  • Northern Oconto County Travel Guide

    Oconto County is a beautiful place located in Northeastern Wisconsin. I spent a weekend in the Lakewood/Mountain area and we had so much fun! Lakewood is located approximately 3 hours north of Milwaukee and 3h 15m northeast of Madison. The town is a popular getaway destination providing ample ATV trails, gorgeous hiking opportunities, delicious restaurants, and that small town charm. Check out this northern Oconto County travel guide. SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS I stayed in my RV for this trip at what easily became my favorite campsite yet. Chute Pond County Park is located in the town of Mountain, about 15 minutes outside of Lakewood. Our campsite was secluded and came with a picnic table, fire pit, and electricity hookup. The campground is right on the water and there is a boat launch and public beach available. Not only was the campsite clean and scenic, there are tons of hiking trails throughout the park. We spent a few hours each day wandering around so Kona could get some exercise. One of the coolest parts of the park is "Slippery Rock" which is also known as a "natural water park." There were tons of children and adults alike taking turns rushing down the slide. I did it, too, and it was a ton of fun! GET OUTSIDE Not many people realize how scenic northern Wisconsin is; this area is a prime example. Although we hiked throughout the campground a lot, we also took some off-site adventures. Mountain Fire Lookout Tower is located in Mountain, WI. Tucked away within the Nicolet National Forest, the tower was the first in Wisconsin to be on the National Historic Lookout Register and the National Register of Historic Places. It's 100 feet tall and the views are worth every step. Butler Rock is also located in Mountain. The hiking trail is short, yet steep, and leads you to the highest point in Oconto County. The views were breathtaking and I would love to come back during the fall season and experience the vibrant colors. FOOD & DRINK In my humble opinion, small towns always have some of the best restaurants. Lakewood is no exception. We started the morning with a coffee from Northern Perks Coffee Shop. They have an extensive menu of hot and cold coffee, tea, smoothies, and more. They also serve baked goods! The coolest part about this coffee shop is that it doubles as a gift store. While you're waiting for your delicious beverage, you can shop the apparel, home decor, and artisan food items. Don't forget to bring home mom a gift! We stopped by Braise North for breakfast and oh my goodness - SO good. Their menu changes regularly, so check their Facebook for updates. If you plan to go for dinner, be sure to make a reservation. It's a popular spot! We ordered their Breakfast Naan and a Market Bun: ham, caramelized onion, & cheese in a puff pasty. I also had to get one of their chocolate chip cookies because I saw it in the window and I mean come on... how could you pass up a cookie that looks like that?! Waubee Lake Lodge provided us a delicious lunch along with lakeside views. We enjoyed our meal on their beautiful, gigantic, covered patio and sipped on a few specialty cocktails. I was thrilled that Kona was able to join us on the patio. The service was fantastic and our meals were delicious. We got their cheese curds - so good! The ranch was creamy and very tasty. We had dinner at Weatherwood Supper Club located in Mountain. We arrived right when they opened and there was a line out the door. We ordered a few old fashioneds and were told that it was double bubble; 2-for1! Great start to the evening. We waited about an hour for our table but once we were sat we received our meals at lightning speed. The steaks we ordered were absolutely superb along with the rest of the meal. If you are a supper club enthusiast, you've gotta check this place out. SHOPPING I love a town staple and Sweet Memories Candy Shoppe is just that. The entire building is packed with different types of candy ranging from sweet to sour to gummies to homemade fudge. They have over 60 flavors of salt water taffy! There is also a small ice cream shop in the back of the store. I felt like a kid in a candy store while I was walking through (get it?). Yvonne's Classy Closet is a fun boutique shop! They have such a variety of items to browse through: clothing, jewelry and accessories, gifts, and more. The clothing is so unique yet trendy. I bought myself a beautiful necklace. This is a great place to stop no matter who you are; there is something for everyone!

  • Baraboo Oktoberfest

    Are you a craft beer lover? Baraboo is holding their second annual Oktoberfest on Saturday, September 23rd! The event will be held inside of the historic Hippodrome at the Circus World Museum. Baraboo is approximately 1h45m drive from Milwaukee and 55m drive from Madison. THE FEST MASTERS Meet your Oktoberfest Fest Masters: Mike & Bonnie Palm. Mike is a former Mayor of Baraboo and Bonnie is very involved in the non-profit sector. They were chosen as the Baraboo Fest Masters because of their loyalty and involvement within the community. If you see them at the festival, be sure to give them a big Prost! SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS Fairfield Inn and Suites is the presenting sponsor of this year's Oktoberfest! The hotel is BRAND NEW so if you are needing a place to stay during Oktoberfest, this is it! Fairfield Inn & Suites offers free breakfast, a 24-hour fitness center, and an indoor pool. They are a quick 5-minute drive from the festival grounds making it the perfect location for your weekend festivities. THE VENUE Baraboo Oktoberfest is being held at the Hippodrome inside of the Circus World Museum. The Hippodrome is a long-standing event space that typically houses the circus and magic performances. It is known for exciting shows and celebrations - Oktoberfest will be no different. Outside of the Hippodrome there will be food trucks, live music, and other fun events throughout the day! ENTERTAINMENT There will be an ample amount of events throughout the day to keep you entertained during Oktoberfest. Some of these include tapping of the gold keg, a costume contest, and a stein holding contest. Make sure you're in for the long haul by staying for the evening live music! Get ready to party with Madison's own Gold Dust Women's Band at the Hippodrome. Headlining Oktoberfest is the well-known 8 woman Fleetwood Mac tribute band. From 7pm-9pm you can enjoy your craft beer while jammin' out with these rockstars. THE BEER Two local Baraboo breweries are participating in Oktoberfest with their delicious Oktoberfest beers. Tumbled Rock Brewery is located on the outskirts of Baraboo near Devil's Lake State Park. With a diverse selection of handcrafted beers, from crisp lagers to bold IPAs, Tumbled Rock Brewery caters to a wide range of palates. Their Oktoberfest beer is absolutely fantastic; cheers! The second Baraboo brewery that is participating in Oktoberfest is the Al Ringling Brewing Company. The brewery is located inside the historic Al Ringling mansion and is deeply rooted in German heritage. On a standard day, you can find about 19 craft beers on tap along with a German-focused food menu. Their Oktoberfest beer is phenomenal, get it while you can. Prost!

  • Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Travel Guide

    Fort Atkinson is located approximately 1 hour north west from Milwaukee and 40 minutes southeast from Madison. It is located in Jefferson county along the Rock River. The city is filled with a handful of parks, awesome restaurants, local farming communities, and more. Here is your Fort Atkinson itinerary. SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS Kona and I took the RV on this trip! We stayed at Wishing Well RV Resort and my goodness - they have everything! I have only stayed at a few campgrounds in the RV so far but this one has been the best. The campsites are not right on top of each other leaving plenty of room for some privacy. The sites are clearly marked and very clean. Whether you're looking to embark on outdoor adventures or simply unwind amidst the serene surroundings, Wishing Well RV Resort has it all! Kona and I discovered a dog park on the campground - she was thrilled. They also have multiple pools, inflatables, WATER inflatables, an event area, playground, drive-in movies, horseshoe pits, and more! There truly is something for everyone. If you are considering a campground in the Fort Atkinson area, you must stay here! THINGS TO DO The Fireside Theatre stands as a beacon of entertainment and culinary delight. It has been on my bucket list for quite some time. I was FINALLY able to attend a show and I will absolutely be back. We attended a Sunday matinee for Mary Poppins. We enjoyed a bunch buffet followed by a show. The theatre is gorgeous and the gift shop is massive. You can spend ample time there in between your meal and the show. I am hoping to check out a dinner show sometime in 2024. We were lucky enough to attend Fort Atkinson's Rhapsody Festival. The festival is a city-wide with live music at local businesses. Additionally, there is a kids section with a duck race and other fun things to do! We enjoyed walking the city listening to tunes while shopping and snacking at some of the dining options. Hoard's Dairy Farm is located in Fort Atkinson. You can schedule a tour at the farm to learn about all of the work that goes into keeping the 900-acres of land running smoothly. The farm has almost 250 cows, most of which are Guernsey cows. I learned so much about the history of the farm, what is grown there now, the cow milking process, along with all of the awesome technology that has helped dairy farms over the years. After I toured the farm, I went back to Hoard's Creamery office and sampled some cheese. We tried 5 different varieties - some are award winning! Hoard's Creamery Cheese can be found it many local Sendik's, Festivals, and small specialty cheese stores. FOOD & DRINK Start your morning with a coffee and a breakfast sandwich from Beauty and the Bean. This spot is very unique in the sense that it is half hair salon (beauty) and half coffee shop (bean). I have been here a handful of times and there is always a line out the door; that's the sign of good coffee. I ordered a bacon, egg, & cheese bagel sandwich and a caramel latte. Perfect way to begin the day! My first stop for dinner in Fort Atkinson is a spot that I have been wanting to check out for a long time: Fort 88 Smokehouse. Their cheese curds have been on my list for years and I was finally able to give them a go! It was 97 degrees out this day, though, so I couldn't leave Kona alone in the RV. We ordered takeout and shared our dinner. We ordered cheese curds, a brisket melt, and brussel sprouts - yum! We also had the opportunity to visit Paddy Coughlin’s Irish Pub for lunch and it was one of the best meals I have had in a long time. We ordered Muenster cheese curds made with Kraemer Wisconsin Cheese and a fish fry with beer battered fries. The curds were served with ranch dressing and a dill aoili which I loved. I talked to Erin, the owner, about how involved Paddy's is with the community. They work with several local farmers for a lot of the ingredients used in their dishes. I love local supporting local and that should give you more of a reason to visit this pub. We spent dinner on the shores of Lake Koshkonong at Island Bar & Grill. They have live music on Friday nights and the place was poppin! The patio in back of the restaurant is huge and filled with dozens of picnic tables. There is also an outdoor bar area - so fun! We ordered the Wisconsin Cheese Curd burger with fries and firecracker shrimp tacos with tater tots on the side. The service was super fast and the food was delicious, highly recommend! After our meal at Island Bar & Grill, I was craving a sweet treat. We stopped at the iconic Frostie Freeze for some ice cream cones - Kona included. This ice cream spot has been open since 1983 and is one of the most well known stops in Fort Atkinson. They are seasonal, so make sure to check their hours before your visit! GET OUTSIDE There is no shortage of parks in Fort Atkinson and Kona and I love to hike. We checked out two different hikes during our weekend. The first was Effigy Mounds at Indian Mounds Park. The park is five acres and features 11 mounds that have been preserved for almost 1,500 years! The mounds are different animal formations as well as conical mounds. It is a pretty cool piece of history to learn about. We also checked out Dorothy Carnes County Park which was absolutely beautiful in the early morning. This park features 512 acres of land and 9 miles of hiking trails. Rose Lake is located in the middle of the park and majority of the area has been designated as State Natural Area. The park is mainly used for hiking, bird watching, picnicking, dog walking, and more! SHOPPING Fort Atkinson is filled with local providers of dairy, meat, and vegetables. Lots of small businesses lean on each other for product which is one of the many charms of this town. I spent a good chunk of my morning visiting Jones Market. The Jones family has been in Fort Atkinson since 1830 and are best known for their all natural sausage. The market sells things such as ham, bacon, cheese, artisan foods, and more! They also serve lunch items and ice cream. If you are in the Fort Atkinson area, you must check out this well-known destination. Fort Atkinson Farmers Market is held on Saturday mornings. You can choose from lots of local goodies such as fruit and vegetables, canned goods, and craft items. There is live music at the market and it is very dog friendly.

  • 5 Must Try Burgers in Milwaukee

    I love a good burger. Especially burgers that are overloaded with flavor. This is a short list - there are SO many more that you should try, but these are some of my favorites. Bixenberg Tavern Technically Bixenberg is located north of Milwaukee in Germantown, but they deserve to be on this list. You can choose between a single or double hand smashed burger topped with your choice of cheese: American, cheddar, swiss, pepperjack, or beer cheese. We tried the beer cheese and it was absolutely fantastic. Pro tip: order the cheese curds. Milwaukee Burger Milwaukee Burger Company is located in Franklin, Wisconsin and obviously they are known for their burgers. We tried the Wisconsin Smashed Burger and OMG was it fantastic. Two burger patties topped with American cheese, caramelized onions, pickles, and Burger Co. sauce. Heirloom MKE I LOVE majority of the food at Heirloom MKE. Their new restaurant in Bay View is absolutely fantastic and OPENING AUGUST 26, 2023! Their Heirloom Burger is topped with Carr Valley cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and house sauce. Pro tip: order the cheese curds. Oscar's Pub & Grill Oscar's has been on my list of places to go for awhile and I am glad I was able to check them out before I left. The Big O burger is their specialty - chipotle jack, smoked gouda, hickory bacon, chorizo, fried onions, jalapenos, and a side of guacamole. There was so much happening on this burger and it was phenomenal. AJ Bomber's AJ Bomber's is a staple spot in Milwaukee and their Milwaukee Burger deserves some recognition. This 1/4 lb patty is topped with Applewood smoked bacon, Schlitz onions, and Colby cheese. Not a lot of ingredients, but tons of flavor. Pro tip: ask for peanuts.

  • Good Eats and Cozy Retreats in the Lake Winnebago Region

    There are so many great places to sleep and eat within the Lake Winnebago Region. High Cliff State Park has beautiful campsites, there are a handful of resorts on the water and unique Airbnbs. I had the opportunity to stay at Hotel Retlaw while I was there, and it is one of my favorite hotels to date. Hotel Retlaw has been open since 1923 and is located in downtown Fond du Lac. It is on the list of the Nation's historic places worthy of preservation deemed by the National Park Service. And let me tell you, it is beautiful and perfectly located in the middle of everything Fond du Lac. Amenities include two dining options: Table One and One Main Cafe. There is also a lobby bar if you are simply looking for a yummy craft cocktail. There is a fitness center, covered parking structure, in-room refrigerator, locking safe and a HIDDEN TV! Another one of my favorite spots on this trip was Urban Fuel Coffee Station in Fond du Lac. I LOVE coffee shops and the interior of this one was amazing. The outside is pretty unassuming, but the inside consists of several tables, couches, and areas for working or pure relaxation. They also have a food list serving both breakfast and lunch options. I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a croissant and it was delectable. If you are looking to host a larger event, you can rent out Urban Fuel Coffee Station. They also serve wine! It truly is a perfect spot. On the topic of breakfasts, let's talk about Sweet and Salty Pig in Fond du Lac. I have been to Sweet and Salty Pig a handful of times and there is a reason for that: it's SO good. I have never had something I didn't like. My mom joined me for brunch here on a Sunday and there was a line outside prior to opening. They serve breakfast and lunch all day and a lot of the meals they serve have bacon. We ordered the breakfast egg rolls, breakfast totchos, and a special flat bread that they were serving just for that weekend. It was a very hearty meal and everything was so flavorful. The service is always quick and friendly. Sweet and Salty Pig should definitely be on your brunch bucket list. There's a reason I keep coming back! There are two popular supper clubs in the Lake Winnebago Region. The first is Wendt's on the Lake which is located in Van Dyne, right on the edge of Lake Winnebago. You get lake views while enjoying your meal! We visited here for their Friday fish fry - something they are well known for. They offer a handful of fish options for the occasion; I stuck with the standard deep fried cod. It was served with choice of potato, cole slaw, and bread. The perfect fish fry combination. This is a pretty popular spot that does not take reservations on Fridays, so expect to wait for a table (it's worth it). They have a full bar and make a mean old fashioned which helps to keep you occupied while waiting. Schwarz’s Supper Club is the second supper club in the Lake Winnebago Region we must talk about. They are located in New Holstein which is a longer drive from Lake Winnebago, but definitely worth it if you want the true supper club experience. I got there about 30 minutes after they opened on a Saturday and the parking lot was already packed. When you walk in, there is a large bar area and a few tables for seating. You order a drink at the bar and ask for a menu. After deciding what you want, you sit the menu upwards and a waiter will come to take your order. Then your name is put on a list and called when your table is ready. I have not been at a supper club like this before but it was a great experience. The food was absolutely phenomenal and so was the service. If you are a supper club guru, you need to visit.

  • Oshkosh, Wisconsin Travel Guide

    I LOVE Oshkosh. I went to college there so I'm a little biased. But every time I go back to visit, I remember just how much fun I had back then. The city is beautiful and covers ground near Lake Winnebago, Lake Butte des Morts, and the Fox River, making it the perfect destination for days on the water. Oshkosh is approximately 80 minutes northwest of Milwaukee and 90 minutes northeast of Madison. Here are some things you need to do in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS Take advantage of the waterfront views while you're in town! We stayed in an absolutely gorgeous AirBnb during our weekend trip. Tjs Destination Oshkosh owns several rental properties in the city and we experienced Hickory on The Lake located on the shores of Lake Winnebago. The property is 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and SUPER conveniently located. We watched both the sunrise and sunset from the backyard and relaxed in the four seasons room. I cannot recommend this lodging option enough! FOOD & DRINK When I was attending college in Oshkosh, I ate a lot of Jimmy John's, Polito's Pizza, Big Apple Bagels, and Rocky Rococo's. While Polito's is still one of my favorite pizza spots in Wisconsin, my taste buds have matured juuust a bit. Here are some of the spots we ate at during our stay. Gabe's Wisconsin Kitchen and Tavern did not exist back in my day but WOW I wish it had. They are known for their beer can chicken and we made sure to take advantage. We ordered the Beer Can Mac & Cheese, Southwest Salad (with Beer Can Chicken), and of course an order of cheese curds made with Ellsworth Creamery cheese. The restaurant itself was very welcoming and started gaining quite a crowd by the time we left - that's a sign of good eats. Ardy and Ed's Drive In is an Oshkosh staple. They have a such a fun menu with tons of classics and they will deliver food right to your car on roller skates! We enjoyed our ice cream on their patio area and took their famous draft root beer to-go. The restaurant has been around since 1948 and has won dozens of awards for the delicious food and old-school vibes. If you know Oshkosh, you know there are a lot of great dive bars. We had to visit at least one! We checked out Jockey Club which is a recently remodeled bar and restaurant with a beautiful outdoor patio. They serve daily specials, an awesome fish fry, and have tons of TVs inside for you to enjoy while sipping on a cocktail. All of the bartenders and patrons were extremely welcoming! Elsewhere Market and Coffee House is located right downtown and is a definite must-see. I will cover the market portion in the "shopping" section, but their coffee is SO GOOD. They serve regular coffee, iced coffee, and Vietnamese coffee. It is to die for. Their menu also includes sandwiches and baked goods for you to enjoy while relaxing in their gorgeous space. Caramel Crisp and Café supplied us with Sunday breakfast: breakfast sandwiches, iced coffee, and their famous cookies. They make SO MANY desserts, but are originally known for their gourmet popcorn. There are over 15 flavors to choose from! The café serves different menu items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I can confirm that their breakfast sandwich is pretty yummy. SHOPPING While you're grabbing some eats at Caramel Crisp & Cafe, check out their toy store, bookstore, and giftshop! Their toy store has everything from stuffed animals, games, art supplies, puzzles, and more. I couldn't believe how big it was! The gift shop has tons of Oshkosh-branded items and other boutique goodies. It's the perfect place to grab a keepsake! Wagner Market is one of the coolest spots in Oshkosh in my humble opinion. Inside you will find a deli, a butcher, 100+ different cheeses, and 500+ different varieties of craft beer. Excuse me, what?! It took us so long to decide what we wanted to try, but each time I made a lap through the store, I found something new! There is just so much to look at and choose from - you won't leave empty handed. I mentioned Elsewhere Market & Coffee House earlier, but now I want to focus on the market side. Attached to the coffee house you will find a beautiful store stocked with home goods, gifts, and other locally sourced finds. Grab your coffee and head on over to do some browsing, you won't regret it. The Oshkosh Farmer's Market is AMAZING. There are over 165 local vendors selling items such as fresh fruits and veggies, flowers, crafts, and more! We loved checking out all of the different booths and even taste-tested some kombucha. I bought a loaf of cheese-bread, a smoothie, and a bouquet. There is live music and food stands, too! The perfect way to start your Saturday morning. GET OUTSIDE Cruisin Tiki's in Oshkosh is only a few years in the making and WOW I wish it existed back in my day. You can rent a private tiki boat for 2-hours and enjoy views of the city while in the water. They do multiple themed tours throughout the day so you are guaranteed to find one that fits what you enjoy. The boats take off from Fox River Brewing and allow you to purchase food and beverage from the restaurant to bring on board! We brought some cheese curds on our ride. It was PERFECT! Sawyer Creek Nature Preserve is a beautiful area located on the outskirts of Oshkosh. There are a few trails that run through the preserve and they are perfect for a mid-day stroll. The area is so green with trees, flowers, and other plants and includes a small, quiet creek. We took a break from our eventful visit to spend time here and it was a great spot to recharge.

  • Cheese Shops in Wisconsin I love (part two)

    We all know I love deep fried cheese curds, but generally speaking, I love cheese. I love stopping at local cheese shops while I am travelling. I have been to SEVERAL more than what is included on this list - these are just some of my favorites. Renard's Renard's is by far one of my favorites. I selfishly wish they were closer so I could visit them more often. They are located in Sturgeon Bay, the perfect pit stop on your way into Door County. Their cheese curds are used in A LOT of the deep fried curds in Door County - and for good reason. They make such a wide variety of delicious cheese and have samples throughout the store for you to try. There is also a small bistro inside of the store if you're craving something more substantial. Cheesers Cheesers is located in Stoughton, Wisconsin, which is about 25 minutes southeast of Madison. The shop has been around for approximately 25 years, and absolutely screams "Wisconsin." You can sample different meats and cheese while you spend hours shopping your way through their gift section. They have fresh cheese curds! Wisconsin Cheese Mart Believe it or not, I visited Wisconsin Cheese Mart Milwaukee location for the first time just recently. They are located right Milwaukee, making it the perfect stop for Milwaukee visitors. They have a wide selection of meat, cheese, locally made beverages, and other fun Wisconsin items. There is a second location in Madison! La Clare Creamery La Clare Creamery specializes in goat cheese. Not only do they have a store inside, but there is also a cafe, greenhouse, tours, and more. You can read about it here. La Clare is located in Malone, Wisconsin. This made the list as one of my favorites because there are just SO many options. And I don't want to discriminate against goat cheese! I sampled so many different cheeses while I was here - you can't go wrong with any of them. Hill Valley Dairy Hill Valley Dairy is located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. This spot is a little unique because not only do they have a cheese shop - they also have a cheese bar. It is a separate area that is connected to the store where you can drink wine and taste cheeses. Try their whiskey cheddar cheese... it's one of my absolutely favorites.

  • Breakfast Sandwiches near Milwaukee - Part Two

    I love a good breakfast sandwich. As of late, I have been trying to figure out where the best breakfast sandwiches are in the Milwaukee area. I have a list of recommendations that I am slowly making my way through, so I thought I would start compiling a list so that you can go on your own breakfast sandwich adventures. Full disclosure: I am a bacon, egg, and cheese girl through and through. You will notice a theme with these sandwiches. Sorry, I'm a creature of habit. Miss Molly's Café This bad boy is from Miss Molly's Café in Wauwatosa. Cheddar Bacon Bagel: poached egg, bacon, cheddar, caramelized onion aioli, tomato & mixed greens. I debated putting this on here for reasons I won't comment on, but it was a good sandwich so it makes the list. I'll never go back to Miss Molly's, but if you do, give this one a go. It's really delicious. Roast Coffee Company I honestly had not heard of Roast Coffee Company. I took an F45 class on the east side through Yelp and we were hungry afterwards. Stumbled across this gem and couldn't have been happier. Their GGOOLLDD sandwich was absolutely delicious. Avocado, egg, bacon, tomato, cheddar cheese, green peppers, red onions, and chipotle cream cheese. Get. In. My. Belly. Rocket Baby Bakery I love Rocket Baby Bakery in Wauwatosa. I order ahead because they are always so busy and I'm an impatient son of a gun. I ordered this sandwich for pickup thinking it was my standard BEC, but I forgot to add the bacon. SO that's a me problem. The bread on this sandwich was delicious. Absolutely superb. And honestly look at the amount of cheese. What more could you desire? Bistro on the Glen Bistro on the Glen is located in Glendale, just north of Milwaukee. We came here for a work meeting one morning and I took photos of my sandwich during the meeting. I needed it for research, ok? This one was honestly nothing special, but it did the trick. Bacon, egg, and cheese on an English muffin. With hash browns on the side, of course. West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shoppe If I lived in West Allis, I'd visit West Allis Cheese and Sausage Shoppe at least once a week. I simply love their food. I ordered their breakfast sandwich with bacon, egg, and cheese. It was served on a croissant which was absolutely delightful. I enjoyed it on the patio with one of their seasonal iced coffees. Legitimately the perfect meal. I have tons of spots on my list to go yet, so stay tuned for a part three (and four?)

  • Portage, Wisconsin Travel Guide

    I had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Portage, WI with my mom and my pup! Portage is located approximately 100 minutes northwest from Milwaukee and 45 minutes north of Madison. We adventured the area all weekend and enjoyed some of the fun things that it has to offer! SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS We had two different sleeping arrangements for this trip - a hotel and a campsite. I wanted to practice with the RV, so Kona and I stayed at Sky High Camping Resort. There is SO much to do on the campgrounds - I was impressed! Huge swimming pool, basketball court, pickleball court, mini golf, and more! We stayed on a full service site and had hookups to both water and electric while we were there. Everything we needed was right at our finger tips! Because 3 of us in the RV is far too much, my mom stayed at The Ridge Hotel. It is located right in downtown Portage which allows easy access to lots of shopping and restaurants. It was very affordable and convenient for our trip. GET OUTSIDE When we arrived on Friday evening, we headed to Paquette Park for their Concert in the Park series. Panchromatic Steel band provided us with an awesome concert while we relaxed in our lawn chairs in the beautiful park. The concert ended a bit early because of rain, but it was so much fun while it lasted! Kona had a great time dancing with me (I think). Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day so we began our morning with a stroll on the Levee Trail. The trail is a ~3 mile path with stunning views of the Wisconsin River. It was a pretty easy hike and Kona loved taking in all of the smells and eyeing up the wildlife. We saw cranes and deer on our walk! My mom and I headed to Silver Lake Beach in the afternoon to go kayaking! You can rent kayaks right on the beach for $5/hour - it was perfect. I kayak pretty regularly but my mom does not. She had the best time! The sun was shining and we were on a gorgeous lake - what more can you ask for? There is a beach and concession stand here, too. It is the perfect spot to spend a sunny afternoon. Throughout the weekend, we made it a mission to find all of the canoes that are a part of Canoes on Parade. Each canoe is painted by a local artist and represents the Native people "portaging" their canoe over the river. Fun fact: Portage means "to carry". FOOD & DRINK On Friday evening, we headed to Neil's Wine House for a bite to eat. We sat on the patio with Kona and ordered a few appetizers with wine. The tomato bruschetta and caprese salad were delicious. We really liked the patio area, too. It was decorated beautifully and the service was 10/10. After our walk on Saturday morning, we stopped at Two Rivers Coffee located right in downtown Portage. We ordered some caffeine and one of the best banana chocolate chip muffins I have ever eaten. I loved the atmosphere at this coffee shop. It is definitely somewhere I would spend lots of time in if I lived in the area. We popped by (pun intended) Craig's Popcorn Corner on Saturday afternoon. Craig's Popcorn Corner was so much more than I expected! Not only do they have TONS of flavors of popcorn, they also have an extensive ice cream list and a few additional items on their menu. We sat on the patio and enjoyed ice cream and garlic parmesan popcorn. It is such a fun, iconic spot and the popcorn was to die for. Saturday evening we dined at Suzy's Steak and Seafood House. I loved the atmosphere here, too. We arrived fairly early and they already had a decent crowd; that's the sign of a good restaurant. I ordered the bacon wrapped sirloin with a sweet potato and my mom got the prime rib special. Oh, and we ordered some cheese curds (obviously). All of the food was fantastic and so was our service. If you are looking for more of an upscale dinner in the area, this is the spot! SHOPPING Downtown Portage has TONS of places to shop! Our first stop was at Portage Craft Mall. I loved everything in this store. 55 local artisans and crafters sell their items here and when I tell you I could have spent an entire month's mortgage in this store, I mean it. They had everything from jewelry to home décor to glassware and clothing. Our second stop was at Mercantile. This store also had SO much to offer! Several floors of specialty foods, gifts, collectibles, and more. I did a couple of laps in the store and found something new each time. I ended up spending quite a bit of money here but hey, you only live once, right? I got some really delicious cheese and that's honestly all that matters.

  • Triple Delight: Distilleries, Wineries, and Ice Cream in The Lake Winnebago Region

    The Lake Winnebago Region has no shortage of things I enjoy: wineries, distilleries, and ice cream. If you can relate, you are in the right spot. One thing about me is that I LOVE a local winery. I love learning the stories of where they began and I love tasting lots of different wines. While I was in the Lake Winnebago Region, we stopped by two wineries and I loved them both. Ziegler Winery is located in Malone, Wisconsin on the east side of Lake Winnebago. The tasting room sits on a huge vineyard - approximately 12 acres and 7,000 vines. Their tasting room is one of the largest in the state of Wisconsin with two stories and a few fireplaces to help you relax. There is plenty of room for big groups making this a perfect spot for a special occasion get together. They also have an outdoor patio set up with a live music stage for entertainment during the summer months. We ordered a flight of wines to taste. They have so many options to choose from! I am usually a red wine drinker, but I loved the 2020 La Crescent wine. It was so fruity and flavorful. They serve food here as well, mostly appetizers - their Bavarian Pretzel is to die for. The second winery we had the pleasure of visiting was Vines & Rushes Winery located in Ripon, Wisconsin. This space was also quite large - a room for sampling, an event space, and a room with lots of tables and chairs. They have live music here as well with a stage indoors. We did a wine tasting and learned a lot about how the winery came about and the history of the wines. My favorite wine was the Brianna 2020 wine - named after one of the winemakers’ daughters. Vines and Rushes is known for the wood-fired pizza and I knew by the delicious smells alone they would not disappoint. If you are not a wine drinker and prefer hard liquor, Ledgerock Distillery is here to save the day. They are located in Fond du Lac and distill vodka, bourbon, moonshine and gin. We sampled a few of the options and I was impressed by how smooth they were. They know what they're doing! There is a gift shop inside as well as a small bar to order a cocktail. There are tables in the building and picnic tables outside. The weather was nice enough that we were able to spend some time in the sun and enjoy our drinks. The distillery is located in more of a secluded area, and it was nice to sit back and relax. Since we're in Wisconsin, I obviously have to talk about dairy in the Lake Winnebago Region. LaClare Creamery was one of my favorite spots on this trip. If you are unfamiliar, LaClare produces mainly goat cheese and has won several awards for their delicious creations. We were able to tour the facility which includes an event space, a full greenhouse, a large barn with goats, a café, and a gift shop. There is so much to do! LaClare also hosts different events such as goat yoga, grilled cheese competition, and artisan markets. The café has a wonderfully unique menu, and each item is served using some type of cheese. They also make ice cream in-house if you are looking for a sweet treat. Speaking of sweet treats, if you are in the Lake Winnebago Region area, there are two ice cream stops you HAVE to make. The first is Gilles Drive-in located in Fond du Lac. It's an old school drive-in serving up some of the best food and ice cream around. They've been open since 1949! I ordered a sundae with vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, graham crackers and brownie bites... YUM. The drive-in itself is such an experience. The second spot you must visit in the Lake Winnebago Region for ice cream is Kelley Country Creamery. They are in Fond du Lac and refer to themselves as the "best ice cream in the middle of nowhere." They have a menu of rotating flavors which are sure to please anyone. It seemed to me like it is a place that always draws a crowd, but the line moves quickly so don’t let it deter you. There is seating inside but also several picnic tables and rocking chairs outside to enjoy your ice cream in the sun. I ordered a double scoop in a waffle cone, and it was by far the most generous double scoop I have ever received. Kelley Creamery was voted Best Ice Cream Shop by Good Morning America and named among the top 10 ice cream places in the nation by People Magazine.

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