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  • Milwaukee Area Breakfast Sandwiches Part 4

    I can’t believe how long it’s been since I wrote a blog about Milwaukee area breakfast sandwiches! I've got a round up of your next 5 - hopefully a part 5 coming soon! Batter & Mac - Menomonee Falls I think we all know by now that I LOVE a bacon, egg, and cheese combo. This sandwich from Batter & Mac is served on the flakiest, most delectable croissant, giving it a little extra flare. You'll be coming back for a second before you finish the first. Hen's Deli - Bay View I ordered this bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich at Hen's Deli on an everything bagel to switch things up. This is the first time I've gotten a breakfast sandwich that used hardboiled eggs. Honestly, I didn't love it, even though I love hard boiled eggs. Ally's Powerhouse Cafe - Wauwatosa This one surprised me - there was an ample amount of scrambled eggs on the sandwich and the bacon was cooked perfectly. Ally's Powerhouse Cafe knows what they're doing. You get options for the vessel so I went with the English muffin this time. Overall? Delish. Coffeeville Co. - Brookfield & Jackson I had been eyeing up this sandwich at Coffeeville Co. for awhile and it did not disappoint. Their "Farmers" sandwich is served on a brioche bun with eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese, and roasted tomatoes. It came with a side of ranch. I loved the uniqueness; it was so tasty! The Bread Pedalers - West Allis The sandwich from The Bread Pedalers is simply egg and cheese with an option to add their bacon jam. Of course I added the bacon jam - it was so good! I chose their asiago bagel for this sandwich and I will stand by that decision also; perfection.

  • Bachelorette Party in Scottsdale, AZ

    At the beginning of this month I headed to Scottsdale, Arizona to celebrate my friend Kailagh's upcoming wedding. Bachelorette party vibes allll weekend! We explored the city of Scottsdale and partook in several activities. If you are looking for some Scottsdale bachelorette party ideas, I got you! We flew into Scottsdale from Milwaukee on Thursday morning. We started out with brunch at Montauk. Their menu consists of a good variety of brunch food AND an espresso martini tower. Starting a bachelorette party in Scottsdale with an espresso martini tower is a top 10 move. This place also has live music which made the experience even more fun. After brunch, we explored downtown Scottsdale a bit. We stopped at an adorable wine bar called Wine Girl. They serve more than just wine which is great if your bachelorette party in Scottsdale includes a friend who doesn't drink wine! We had a few cocktails, took advantage of their Instagrammable space, and headed back to our Airbnb. Our Scottsdale Airbnb was MADE for bachelorette parties, but honestly, there were several things that were either broken, empty, or not usable so I am not going to link it for you. ADORABLE, but frustrating to pay as much money as we did and not have it be a 10/10 experience. For dinner, we had reservations at a lovely restaurant in Scottsdale named Cala. Our bachelorette party was in a small, private room which was really nice and secluded. We ended up sharing pizzas along with a few martinis, charcuterie boards, and of course... shots. Our meal was great and our waitress was so enthusiastic. I would recommend this spot for a bachelorette party dinner destination in Scottsdale. We headed to a few bars in town after dinner - Hot Chick and Rockbar. Hot Chick is more of a party bar - loud music, games, etc. Rockbar is more of a dive bar. I enjoyed both for different reasons and they were within walking distance of Cala which was very convenient. On Friday, we started out with a nice hike at "Double Butte Loop" - thanks to AllTrails for this one. It was about a 2 mile hike at Popago Park and the views were absolutely gorgeous. The hike was a 10-15 minute drive from the Airbnb and there were a few other bachelorette parties here with us. Friday afternoon, we headed to a candle-making class at Light and Bark Candle Co. This was a great activity for a bachelorette party in Scottsdale! We got to choose our own candle design, create our own scents, and actually make the candle. The whole process didn't take very long, but the candles needed about 2 hours to set. While we were waiting, we walked around to experience a few more places. We walked on over to AZ/88. Our bachelorette party ordered different martini creations - each one was delicious. We also grabbed a few snacks to hold us over until dinner time. The vibe in AZ/88 is very classy and modern but also alive, vibrant, and fun. On Saturday, we started our morning with a barre class by Fitbach. I am not a huuuuge fan of barre, but it was nice to get some movement in before the day got started. Our instructor was great! Saturday was our pool day, so even though it was only 65 degrees outside, we hung out at the Airbnb to play drinking games and enjoy the water. Saturday evening was our "Glitz and Glam" theme in Scottsdale where we all got dressed to the nines and headed out on the town. We started with dinner at Francine's. The food was delicious - it is a very classy place. Definitely pricey, so if you're bachin' on a budget, this one probably isn't for you. I ordered the black truffle mushroom pasta and it was PHENOMENAL. After dinner we headed out to enjoy the Scottsdale club scene. We had a table reserved at 50 Shades of Rose where we began dancing the night away. The music was loud, the crowd was excited, and we were having a blast. The staff was really great with making Kailagh feel special - providing us with shots, celebratory champagne, and a giant sign wishing her congratulations. We headed to a few more bars in downtown Scottsdale after 50 Shades but quite honestly, I am not a person that "goes clubbing" so my enthusiasm started to deteriorate. We ended up going back to Rockbar, the dive bar from Thursday, and ended our evening there. On Sunday, we went to brunch again at Montauk, explored downtown Scottsdale shops, and headed to the airport. Overall the trip was eventful, lots of fun, and I think that Scottsdale is a great city for a bachelorette party.

  • 5 Restaurants for Date Night in Milwaukee

    It is February 14th, also known as Valentines Day. Honestly, Valentine's Day doesn't mean much to me BUT I have been to some pretty great restaurants in Milwaukee that would make a wonderful date night spot to celebrate. Keep on reading for 5 restaurants for date night in Milwaukee. Heirloom MKE - Bay View Located in Bay View, Heirloom has all the right Milwaukee date night vibes. Their farm-to-table menu showcases some awesome appetizers (cheese curds) and entrees (braised beef short rib). The restaurant itself is warm and welcoming and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They offer gluten-free and vegan items as well - a versatile option for anyone's taste! The cocktail menu is vibrant and any of the drinks can be made as a mocktail. This is a great option for a Milwaukee date night - make a reservation! Eldr & Rime - Wauwatosa The first time I visited Eldr & Rime I wasn't sure what to expect just because it is a hotel restaurant. I was SO impressed with the food and the service alike. Our date night in Milwaukee was GREAT! The restaurant itself is decorated to reflect Scandinavian design and it is SO welcoming. Their menu holds everything from seafood appetizers, to flatbreads, to wood-grilled steaks. The cocktail menu is fantastic and wine list extensive. If you are looking for both a great meal and dining experience this is your spot. Carbon Steak - Milwaukee If you are looking for more of an up-scale Milwaukee date night spot, this one is for you. I visited Carbon Steak quite recently and was blown away by the food. Everything we ordered was wonderful - the caviar, crab legs, steak, and whipped ricotta to name a few. This steakhouse has an intimate vibe, gorgeous decor, and attentive wait staff. It is definitely a pricier spot, but if you are willing to indulge, I would recommend visiting. Try the lobster mashed potatoes - yum! Saffron - Third Ward If you are an Indian food lover or are interested in trying it for the first time, you cannot go wrong with Saffron in the Third Ward. The menu offers a wide variety of items for any palette. Order a few small plates to share or full entrees if you are a bit hungrier. Their cocktail menu is extremely creative - unique options filled with flavor. Try something from the Tandoor - I promise you will not be disappointed. This is the perfect Milwaukee date night restaurant because it comes with an experience! Maggio's Pizza - Wauwatosa If you are looking for something a little casual for your Milwaukee date night, Maggio's Pizza is a great choice. This pizza parlor opened in 2023 and immediately became one of my favorite pizza places. In addition to 'za, they serve things such as meatballs, garlic bread bites, and salad. More importantly, they serve wine to pair with your meal. When you're finished, try one of their delicious cannoli's. Yes, please!

  • Best Harvest Hosts Stays in my RV - Part 2

    If you are unfamiliar with Harvest Hosts, it is a program where individuals traveling in RV's/vans can stay at a local business for free with a membership. Business types typically include restaurants, breweries, wineries, golf courses, museums, etc. You are expected to purchase something at the location, but do not have to pay to park on their land. It's a really great way to try out a new place in the area! I prefer dispersed camping overall but it is not always available. I used Harvest Hosts as my back-up on my trip and have created a list of the best Harvest Host stays in my RV. This is part 2 of my list - find part 1 here. Cinder Winery Cinder Winery is located right outside of Boise, ID. It is literally the cutest winery. The atmosphere inside is very relaxed yet fun and the outdoor patio is gorgeous. I tried 3 different wines while we were here and thought they were all great. My favorite part of this stay was that Kona was able to hang out with me on the patio. They have a concrete slab in the back that was perfect for my RV! Crockett Road Lavender Farm If I had to choose one Harvest Host to be the most thankful for, it's this one. I ended up here on accident due to a lot of wrong turns, lost cell phone reception, etc. and the folks at Crockett Road Lavender Farm let me stay on SUCH short notice. I was so grateful to be there and although it was off-season, it is such an absolutely beautiful place. We made ourselves a fire and relaxed on the patio with the scent of fresh lavender in the background. What more could you want? Blue Heron Cheese Co. I wish I could have stayed at Blue Heron Cheese Co for an entire week, it was perfect. The cheese company is also a farm and they dedicate a portion of it to RV-ers. Each RV has an assigned spot and you are allowed to stay for two days. I got to wake up to a rooster call! They also have a candy store along with a restaurant attached to the cheese shop. Everything you could ever need was within reach. It was awesome. Willamette Valley Smokehouse This spot was also an unexpected but delightful find. We showed up quite late to Willamette Valley Smokehouse, but early enough to get some food and BOY am I glad we got to eat. The BBQ was absolutely delicious. The property has tons of outdoor seating, an event space, an outdoor bar, and patio games. If I hadn't been in such a rush to get to the next spot, I would have loved to stay another night. I chatted it up with the owner for awhile and he was fantastic. Jackson Hole Still Works I accidentally got a little tipsy while staying at Jackson Hole Still Works. I purchased myself a small bottle of vodka (which I did not drink), but also two of their "Sloshies" - alcoholic slushies. Those did me in. But the owner of the distillery was extremely knowledgeable and welcoming. Best part - there was a pup to play with. He loooooves fetch. I would return just to see him again.

  • Best Harvest Host Stays in my RV (so far)

    If you are unfamiliar with Harvest Hosts, it is a program where individuals traveling in RV's/vans can stay at a local business for free with a membership. Business types typically include restaurants, breweries, wineries, golf courses, museums, etc. You are expected to purchase something at the location, but do not have to pay to park on their land. It's a really great way to try out a new place in the area! I prefer dispersed camping overall but it is not always available. I used Harvest Hosts as my back-up on my trip and have created a list of the best Harvest Host stays in my RV. This list will be part 1 with part 2 coming next week! Wild State Cider This was the first Harvest Host I stayed at and they definitely set the bar high. Wild State Cider is located in Duluth, MN. They had a reserved area in the back for my RV which was super convenient. The cidery has a huge patio, a food truck, and an awesome indoor space. It was nice to be able to have Kona hang out with me after our day of driving. If I lived in the area, I would be a regular at Wild State Cider. It's a vibe. Phat Fish Brewing I debated whether or not to put Phat Fish Brewing on this list. This brewery is located in Dickinson, North Dakota and they have an awesome outdoor patio. The beer was good and so was the food! It was a little pricey but I had leftovers so I was okay with it. Phat Fish Brewing is right next to a train track which made it very difficult sleeping-wise. Aside from that, this stop was worth it Spring Family Farm This spot was not a business but a 4th generation farm. And my GOODNESS it was the most gorgeous place I have ever stayed. Located in Belgrade, Montana, this farm has gorgeous views of the Bridger Mountains. Their RV area is right next to a small creek and plenty of room to walk the pup around the property. The hosts were extremely accommodating and I really hope we make it back there some day. Mustang Mountain Vineyard Mustang Mountain Winery was the first vineyard I stayed at on my trip and it was magical. I parked between the winery building and the vines - gorgeous! Kona and I were able to walk around the vineyard before bed and it was very nice to have space to wander. And the wine! The wine was fantastic. The two women who run Mustang Mountain were so welcoming and knowledgeable about their wine. We loved our stay here! Idaho Potato Museum When I saw the Idaho Potato Museum on the Harvest Host app I knew I had to visit. I mean come on, what a freakin' dream! The stay was a bit loud due to some nearby train tracks, but that is my only complaint. I got in late so I checked out the museum the next day. It was so much fun! There are tons of different items and literature to read about how potatoes are made and how the process has changed over the years. Best part? The restaurant with delicious French fries.

  • Cheese Festivals in Wisconsin in 2024

    Wisconsin + Cheese Festivals = a good time. If you have never been to a cheese festival in Wisconsin before, make 2024 the year! Here is a list of the cheese festivals throughout the state of Wisconsin. This list may be updated as more cheese festival dates are released. Beer and Cheese Fest | Madison, WI | January 20, 2024 The first cheese-filled Wisconsin festival is Beer and Cheese Fest in Madison. This festival has been around for 14 YEARS! General admission tickets cost $65 and get you unlimited beer and cheese samples. There is a V.I.P. option for a more elusive experience. Make sure you have sober driver to take you home! Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival | Little Chute, WI | May 31-June 2, 2024 Little Chute holds a yearly festival called the Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival. Activities include amusement rides, food booths, live music, a cheese curd eating contest, a cheese curd catching contest, and more. There's an entire weekend of fun to be had! Cheese Capital Festival | Plymouth WI | June 7-8, 2024 The Cheese Capital Festival in Plymouth, Wisconsin is always a hit! The festival consists of a parade, live music, cheese eating contest, foam cheese race, and more. There are dozens of activities for children and TONS of cheese to eat! Beer, Bacon, and Cheese Festival | New Glarus, WI | June 8, 2024 This festival is one of the most well known in Wisconsin. Check out Beer, Bacon, and Cheese Festival in New Glarus for all of your cheesey desires. The festival has several beer and seltzer vendors along with cheese vendors. There is a parade, live music, and tons of fun. Tickets for this one sell quick! Cheese Curd Festival | Ellsworth, WI | June 21-22, 2024 Some may refer to Ellsworth as the Cheese Curd Capital of the state. Ellsworth Creamery puts on an annual Cheese Curd Festival where vendors create cheese-curd centered dishes like cheese curd tacos, cheese curd ice cream sundaes, and more. There is live music, a car show, shopping, and games for the kids! Cheese and Sausage Fest | New London, WI | September 14, 2024 What pairs better with cheese than sausage? Cheese and Sausage Fest in New London offers tons of cheese and sausage samples to fill your stomach. There is also a car and cycle show, craft vendors, children's activities, and more. Blair Cheese Festival | Blair, WI | September 16, 2024 Located in Trempealeau County, Blair Cheese Festival boasts a weekend of fun! Catch a truck and tractor pull, run in the 5k, meander through the car show, and stay for the variety show performed by the local schools. Green County Cheese Days | Monroe, WI | September 20-22, 2024 This event is such a special one. Green County Cheese Days happens on even years, so make sure to visit in 2024! This festival takes place in Monroe, WI. There is a fantastic parade, carnival, several cheese tents, live music, winery and distillery tastings and much, much more!

  • Best Wisconsin Breakfast Sandwiches I ate in 2023

    2023 has been the year of the Breakfast Sandwich. I set out on a mission to find THE BEST breakfast sandwich in the Milwaukee area and it was one of the tastiest goals I have ever made. I ended up eating a total of 25 sandwiches and this blog post will be a round up of my top 9 (in no particular order). Although my goal was to find the best in MKE, I ended up eating sandwiches elsewhere and two of those made their way onto this list. Happy eating! North Ave Grill - Wauwatosa More bread that needs recognition: the ciabatta that this bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich is served on at North Ave Grill. It is beyond good. The ciabatta is as soft as a pillow on the inside but crispy on the outside. They use a hefty serving of cheese, too, and we can’t be upset about that. Rocket Baby Bakery - Wauwatosa I love Rocket Baby Bakery in Wauwatosa. I order ahead because they are always so busy and I'm an impatient son of a gun. I ordered this sandwich for pickup thinking it was my standard BEC, but I forgot to add the bacon. SO that's a me problem. The bread on this sandwich was delicious. Absolutely superb. And honestly look at the amount of cheese. What more could you desire? West Allis Cheese & Sausage - West Allis If I lived in West Allis, I'd visit West Allis Cheese and Sausage Shoppe at least once a week. I simply love their food. I ordered their breakfast sandwich with bacon, egg, and cheese. It was served on a croissant which was absolutely delightful. I enjoyed it on the patio with one of their seasonal iced coffees. Legitimately the perfect meal. Roast Coffee Company - Milwaukee I honestly had not heard of Roast Coffee Company. I took an F45 class on the east side through Yelp and we were hungry afterwards. Stumbled across this gem and couldn't have been happier. Their GGOOLLDD sandwich was absolutely delicious. Avocado, egg, bacon, tomato, cheddar cheese, green peppers, red onions, and chipotle cream cheese. Get. In. My. Belly. Ruby's Bagel's - Milwaukee Ruby's Bagels has always been top of the game for bagels but their breakfast sandwiches?! As of right now, this one is my favorite. I ordered BEC with an everything bagel. Thick cut bacon, free range eggs, and American cheese. The bacon was SO thick and I love me some good bacon. Ruby's is inside of Zocalo Food Truck Park. Make sure you order early, because they sell out pretty quickly on a regular basis (for obvious reasons). Allie Boys - Milwaukee Allie Boy's is one of the most popular spots in Milwaukee. They are known for their massive breakfast sandwiches and they always have rotating specials of unique concoctions. I ordered the egg and cheese sandwich with bacon. It is made with an herbed omelette, American cheese, aged cheddar, salt, pepper, and ketchup. It is a very hearty sandwich and worth every caloric bite. Latitude Cafe - Germantown Latitude Cafe is in Germantown, about 20 minutes north of downtown Milwaukee. I actually grew up in Germantown, and this spot is only a few blocks from my childhood home. I have always wanted to check it out and this breakfast sandwich gave me an excuse. I ordered the breakfast sandwich with bacon (obviously). It is served on this delicious ciabatta bread with egg, cheese, and spicy mayo. I loved the kick of the mayo and the extra umpf that it added. Donut Monster - Whitefish Bay The best part about the breakfast sandwich from Donut Monster is the freshly made English Muffin. It is such a fluffy morsel of dough - you can't beat it. They also use Pine River Cheese Spread on their sandwiches which is one of my favorite cheese spreads. It's an absolutely fantastic combination. Mud Creek Coffee - Stockbridge I stopped at this place on a whim and by golly it is the best breakfast sandwich I have eaten to date. The Chipotle Breakfast Panini at Mud Creek Coffee in Stockbridge is served on focaccia bread. It has pepperjack cheese and chipotle mayo giving the sandwich a bit of a kick. My tastebuds were obsessed. I wish this place was in Milwaukee because I would eat there on the regular. Gotham Bagels - Madison Gotham Bagels is a pretty popular spot in Madison and I was finally able to make my way in 2023. Their breakfast sandwiches are crazy good and super unique. They change the menu fairly often giving the opportunity for new tastes whenever you visit. I ordered something similar to a bacon, egg, and cheese and there was KETCHUP on it!

  • Best Wisconsin Cheese Curds 2023

    Let me clarify what this list is first and foremost. This is a list of the top cheese curds I ATE in 2023 throughout the state of Wisconsin. This is NOT a list of my top cheese curds overall. This list is specific to curds eaten in the year 2023. When I posted my 2022 list I got a ton of backlash so I felt the need to add in a disclaimer. Here are my choices for the best Wisconsin cheese curds in 2023! Say Cheese Curd Company - Milwaukee Area These bad boys come from a food truck that I chased around for MONTHS before finally succeeding. The cheese curds from Say Cheese Curd Company are crispy, melty, not too greasy, and delicious. My only gripe is that they did not come with any sauce. Plan to BYOR (bring your own ranch). Paddys Pub - Fort Atkinson The cheese curds at Paddy's Irish Pub in Fort Atkinson surprised me in the best way. They are made with local Kraemer cheese and served with an absolutely remarkable dill aoili and homemade ranch. The batter to cheese ratio is perfection and the cheese pull is 10/10. Tons of the items on their menu are sourced locally and we love that. Even more of a reason to pay them a visit! Tumbled Rock Brewery - Baraboo Tumbled Rock Brewery in Baraboo is one of my favorite places to visit! They have a gigantic outdoor patio area with live entertainment and some of the best craft beer. BUT this is about the cheese curds and thankfully they are also so tasty. They are served with a side of homemade ranch and pair nicely with a side of sunshine. Artisan 179 - Pewaukee Let me start with a disclaimer that the cheese curds at Artisan 179 were the most expensive cheese curds I have ever purchased in my life, coming in at a whopping $18. Are they worth that? Honestly, probably not. I have had several better cheese curds for much cheaper, but these are still very good. They are served with a homemade ranch that will keep you wanting more. Bixenberg Tavern - Germantown I have always said that townie bars have the best food and Bixenberg is a testament to that. Their cheese curds are SO tasty and they are served with a chipotle ranch which is always a perfect addition in my humble opinion. While you're there, give one of their smashburgers a try. I'm not a huge burger gal but I would eat it on the reg if I could. Heirloom MKE - Bay View - Milwaukee I am grateful that Heirloom's recipes only IMPROVED when they moved into their new space this year. Their cheese curds have been a favorite of mine for a long time and they easily earned their spot on this list. Served with a homemade tomato jam & jalapeno ranch. Dairyland - Milwaukee This is another spot that I eat at regularly, so their cheese curds have been on my list multiple years in a row. And my goodness, do they deserve it. I did a segment with Barstool Sports in 2022 about cheese curds in Milwaukee and I brought them to Dairyland. THAT is love. Watch the Barstool Sports segment here while you're at it. 1919 Kitchen and Tap - Green Bay The cheese curds at 1919 Kitchen and Tap in Green Bay are unique and fantastic. They are topped with parmesean cheese! Served with a Romesco sauce - I had never had Romesco sauce before but I really enjoyed it with the cheese curds!

  • Places to Visit 3 Hours From Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is known as a party city - bright lights, gambling, live shows, music, and lots of alcohol. I have spent my fair share of time on the Las Vegas Strip and my favorite: Fremont Street. I love Vegas BUT as a solo female RV-er, hanging out at bars and casinos by myself did not seem like the safest option. I also don't think my dog would have enjoyed spending all of that time alone. So instead, I opted to find a handful of things for us to do within 3-hours from the city of Las Vegas. Buckle up for these places to visit within 3 hours of Las Vegas! Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is the closest Vegas activity - approximately 25 minutes west of the city. We actually spent an entire week boondocking on one of the canyon roads - absolutely beautiful! There are several hiking trails to take advantage of as well as rock climbing, OHV trails, mountain biking, and a scenic drive if you're more of a "look don't explore" type of person. This is a great day-trip option if you want to get away from The Strip for a bit! Valley of the Fire State Park Valley of the Fire State Park has been one of my favorite places so far on our trip. It is located approximately 45 minutes north east of Las Vegas. National parks frustrate me because of their dog regulations, so I tend to explore state parks whenever possible. The hiking here is outrageous - so much to see! The red sandstone formations are so picturesque. I could have spent multiple days just exploring. There is a $10 entrance fee ($15 if you are not from NV) but I promise it is worth it. Lake Mead National Recreation Area Lake Mead is approximately 30 minutes east of Las Vegas. We actually disperse camped right on the water after our trip to Valley of Fire. Lake Mead National Recreation Area is the largest in the United States! And man is it pretty. Our night was absolutely wonderful - we even heard some wild donkeys in the distance (yes, that's a real thing). The following morning, we hiked a whole bunch before heading out. Gorgeous, gorgeous area with so much to offer. Zion National Park A little further of a drive (2 hours but absolutely worth it) is Zion National Park. This National Park quickly made it's way to being one of my favorites. I only did two short hikes but the views were breathtaking from every angle. I did not hike the infamous "Narrows" because that would have meant leaving Kona in the RV for far too long. Depending on when you visit the park, you may have to use their shuttle service. Because we came during off-season, we were able to drive through ourselves and I think that made for a better experience. I would love to come back here some day and explore even more. Red Cliffs National Recreation Area Before you hit Zion National Park, make a stop at Red Cliffs National Recreation Area in southwest Utah. The recreation area is home to over 130 miles of designated hiking and biking trails. Kona and I went bright and early for a hike but ended up staying there all day. We went on a second hike in the afternoon before leaving - it is just that good! They also have several mountain biking trails and equestrian trails available for public use.

  • Things to do in Lake Geneva, WI

    Lake Geneva is known as a “resort town” in Southeastern Wisconsin. The lake in the middle of town is surrounded by beautiful hotels, golf courses, and plenty of shopping, bars, and restaurants. If you are looking for a beautiful area to spend a relaxing weekend, Lake Geneva is a good pick. Check out the details below for things to do in Lake Geneva, WI. SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS There are a lot of options when it comes to spending the night in Lake Geneva and I stayed at The Abbey Resort. Waking up in the morning and being able to sit outside and drink coffee right on the water was PERFECTION. There are three places to eat inside of the resort – Waterfront Grille, 240 degrees West, and Cafe Latte if you’re looking for a quick morning snack. I was impressed with their Spa and Fitness Center, the cleanliness of the resort, and the wonderful hotel staff. If you are a golfer, The Abbey Resort was made for you. FOOD & DRINK We all know by know that most of what I do on these trips is eat and drink. I stopped at several restaurants in Lake Geneva and my favorite was Flat Iron Tap. It’s a very small spot and doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the food and service was fantastic. I ordered deep fried cheese curds, brussel sprouts, and the pollo fresco chicken sandwich from Flat Iron Tap. I couldn’t decide what to get... so I got it all. They do not have a liquor license, but can serve wine or beer with your meal! They created an awesome selection of cocktails with the wine they have on hand and have over 100 beers to choose from. Another restaurant in Lake Geneva that I enjoyed was brand new at the time – Guac Star. They have a CHEESE CURD TACO! Guac Star is located right in downtown Lake Geneva. The vibe inside of the restaurant is very fun and they have several different tequila drinks to try. It’s a good spot to stop for a little snack or a quick lunch while you’re out exploring the area. One of the best coffee shops in Lake Geneva was recommended to me by a friend and it is called Inspired Coffee. In addition to coffee, they serve a variety of yummy baked goods. The mission behind Inspired Coffee is what makes them so special. Inspired Coffee employs individuals with disabilities to help train, coach, and help them become integrated into a full work setting. Everyone there was so nice and the coffee was wonderful. SHOPPING I did not do too much shopping in Lake Geneva, but trust me when I say there is PLENTY. Your girl is on a budget though, ya know? I did stop by Hill Valley Dairy to grab some cheese. Hill Valley Dairy recently opened their store front and I wanted to check it out. Although not very large, they have tons of options of different cheeses and Wisconsin-themed gifts if you’re looking for something to bring home. I purchased the Whiskey Gouda cheese and it was fantastic. They have a "cheese bar" next door where you can sip wine and taste-test different cheeses.

  • California in the RV

    I have been in my RV for 2.5 months so far and made it to California all the way from Wisconsin. I have been to California in the past near the Venice Beach, Disney, and San Diego area. I was not totally sure what to expect when driving through California in the RV, but after my experiences the last 3 weeks, I don't think I will be back. I am writing this a little pre-maturely as I still plan to visit Joshua Tree National Park, but alas, I need a blog for this week. I entered the north side of California through the state of Oregon. The first night I stayed in California in the RV, we were at a Harvest Hosts site in the city of Mt. Shasta. There looked to be several dispersed campsites about 45-minutes south, so that was the plan for the remainder of the week. That Monday, we spent the day at Mt. Shasta city park which was filled with tons of other RVers and van-lifers. When the work day was finished, we packed up the RV and headed to our campsite. Unfortunately, when we arrived to the "site," it turned out it was not a campsite at all. It was an area where several homeless people lived. I use the iOverlander app to find most of my campsites, and this particular spot had not been updated in about 8-months. Apparently within that timeframe, the campsite had been overtaken. I did not feel safe staying there, so we tried another site... and then another. After a lot of panic and tears, we headed back in the direction we came to stay in the forest. We camped outside of a trailhead in the Castle Crag's Wilderness for 3 nights. The only plus side to this was that our campsite was right outside of the Pacific Crest Trail, so we got some good hikes in. On the 4th night that week, we stayed at another Harvest Host site in Redding. I did not love Redding. It is a very large city and abundant with homeless people. I tried to find a park to walk Kona, and it took me 3 tries to find one that felt safe enough. I Googled "crime rate in Redding" and it is one of the highest in the United States. The last night there, I decided to get a campsite in Whiskey Town - about 30 minutes east. This allowed me to refill my water, dump the tanks, and most importantly... sleep safely. When we finally headed out of the area, we made out way south to Lassen National Park - which was closed. We were able to spend Friday night at a dispersed campsite in Lassen National Forest. It was beautiful but absolutely frigid. The next morning we started our adventure to Lake Tahoe. I have never been to Lake Tahoe but it absolutely lived up to the expectation. On Saturday morning, we did the Monkey Rock hike. It was very crowded, but the views were worth it. There is an actual rock that looks like a monkey. It's a real thing. I stayed the night about 40 minutes outside of town in Carson City, NV. I found a dispersed campsite in Voltaire Canyon and it provided us the coolest sunset and sunrise views. I also got to get gas in Nevada... which is significantly cheaper than gas in California (at this time, it was $4.09 in NV and $6.79 in CA). I stopped at the Walmart there, too, to stock up on things for the week. Again - much cheaper than California. The next morning (Sunday, if you have lost track), we did the Eagle Lake Trail in South Lake Tahoe. The hike was *literally* all steps. It really got the blood pumping! Eagle Lake Trail was absolutely stunning. The water crystal clear and the mountains in the distance are magical. It was a little slippery at times because of previously fallen snow, but nothing we couldn't handle. After our hike at Eagle Lake, we headed to Yosemite National Park. I was a bit worried about the east entrance being open but lucky for us, it was! Dogs are not allowed to hike on trails in National Parks, so our visit didn't take very long. I took Kona out on road pull-offs and parking lots to take in the sights. It is an absolutely gorgeous park. We drove 30-ish more minutes south to a town called Mammoth Lakes. We found a campsite within the Inyo National Forest and stayed Sunday-Friday. Mammoth Lakes is the cutest town - very focused on skiing. I don't ski, but Kona and I still adventured around town a bit enjoying the scenery. I spent the day on Friday in one of the biggest Starbucks locations I have ever seen. Yes, it was so big that I felt the need to mention it here. That Friday evening, we headed to Bishop, CA. Mammoth Lakes was in the 30's (teens at night) all week and I was so sick of being cold. Bishop is 40 minutes south and had all of the things I needed for my RV: water fill up, dump tank station, and propane refill. We did all of those things and then headed to a dispersed site in Inyo National Forest. It was absolutely beautiful and twenty degrees warmer (not an exaggeration). The next morning, we drove about 90 minutes to Alabama Hills, CA. One of my followers on Instagram sent me here and I genuinely cannot thank them enough. I intended to just do a hike or two and then head out, but I stayed the entire day and overnight. Alabama Hills National Scenic Area is 18,000+ acres of beauty. SO much hiking! So much to see! Kona and I hiked over 6 miles and then 2 more the next day before heading out. I loved it so much.

  • How to Spend a Day in Kenosha, Wisconsin

    Exploring the city of Kenosha? I've got a few ideas on how you can spend a day in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kenosha is a quaint city about 50 miles south of Milwaukee. Parts of Kenosha are right on Lake Michigan which makes the perfect place to spend a sunny day. If you are looking for food ideas, drink ideas, shopping ideas, or outdoor adventure, I've got you covered. Continue reading for suggestions on how to spend a day in Kenosha, Wisconsin. FOOD & DRINK We started the day at Captain Mike’s – I LOVED THIS PLACE. It is such a cool spot on the inside and they have garage door type windows to open up near the patio area when the weather is nice. Not only that, the food was *fire emoji*. I ordered an avocado toast and Erica ordered a breakfast sandwich. The prices were low and the food deliciousness level was high. Another spot that we ate at and enjoyed was 1844 Table & Mash. We ordered cheese curds and some fancy drinks. The curds here were the best I had in Kenosha. It’s inside of a hotel so I was a little worried about the food but honestly, one of the better restaurants in the city. The next location that I will mention is more of an experience than anything else. If you are looking for a drive-in restaurant while you spend a day in Kenosha, you should check out The Spot. Drive-in means that you order from your car and you eat in your car. The menu is pretty small, but we purchased a few things to test them out. They are known for their ice cream and their burgers. GET OUTSIDE Kenosha has a Sculpture Walk along the water. The sculptures are removed and replaced with new sculptures every two years. While you’re taking the sculpture walk, you’ll see the lighthouses on Lake Michigan. Harbor Park is a really pretty area right on the shoreline. The lighthouses are beautiful and definitely bring a little bit of history to the area. THINGS TO DO We visited Kenosha on a Saturday morning which means the HarborMarket was in full swing. The market is split into two different sections about a block away from each other. There is plenty of fresh produce, cheese, breads, and lots more! A fun way to explore the city is via the Kenosha Electric Streetcar. It costs $1 per adult and covers about a 15-minute loop. The trolley drives past several art galleries, the Civil War Museum and the Kenosha Public Museum. It’s a great use a public transportation!

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