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Best of Milwaukee Cheese Curd Tour

I’ve been on a mission to find the best deep fried cheese curds in Wisconsin for over two years. I have eaten curds at over 200 different places. I’m not sure if I have found the best in the state yet but I have found some very good contenders. However, I can confidently say that I have tried all of best deep fried curds in the City of Milwaukee. This is the ultimate list.


Wisconsin Cheese Curds - Dairyland Cheese Curds

I love Dairyland. I discovered them when they were a food truck at Zocalo Park and became obsessed. Their burgers are top tier. Their chicken sandwiches are drool-worthy. But their cheese curds? The best in Milwaukee. I know you are probably thinking “well they didn’t win best curds in Milwaukee” – and you’re right. But I whole-heartedly believe that they did not win because not enough people have tried their curds. The curds are battered and made with Clock Shadow Creamery cheese. This is your sign to go to the Market Hall and order them with a side of their homemade ranch. If you try them and hate them, you’re wrong.

Black Sheep

Wisconsin Cheese Curds - Blacksheep Cheese Curds

These curds are a delightful surprise. They are made with pancake batter, topped with powdered sugar, and served with syrup. Sounds weird, right? It is. Oddly enough, it works. Black Sheep has an awesome menu overall, but their curds deserve to be recognized on this list. They are also made with cheese from Clock Shadow Creamery and they are absolutely some of the best in Milwaukee.


Wisconsin Cheese Curds - Camino Cheese Curds

Camino has two locations – Milwaukee and West Allis. This is a list for the City of Milwaukee so we will focus on that location. Camino is known for a lot of things – their wings, their burgers, and their handmade perogies. Which are all delicious… but don’t sleep on their curds. They are also made with Clock Shadow Creamery cheese and served with Russian Dressing. The dressing is a bit different, but it pairs very well with the cheese curds.

Fuel Cafe

Wisconsin Cheese Curds - Fuel Cafe Cheese Curds

Once again, we’re here to talk about Clock Shadow Creamery. Am I obsessed? I might be. Do I get paid to talk about them? I wish. The curds at Fuel Cafe surprised me. They surprised me because I ordered them on a whim, and typically I only order curds when they have been recommended. These cheese curds are very lightly battered to perfection. The cheese pull was magnificent and the ranch was divine. Fuel Cafe is a motorcycle-themed restaurant, which makes the cheese curds even more badass.

Lakefront Brewery

Wisconsin Cheese Curds - Lakefront Brewery Cheese Curds

You didn’t actually think I was going to leave out Lakefront Brewery, did you? They have been rated top curds in MKE for years and years. There’s a reason: they are delicious. Unshockingly, they are also made with Clock Shadow Creamery cheese curds. They are made with Lakefront’s homemade beer batter and served with some of the best ranch in the city. Every Thursday, Lakefront offers a unique curd flavor: pizza, chocolate covered strawberry, jalapeno… the list goes on. Lakefront Brewery is a Milwaukee staple and their cheese curds are no exception.

Heirloom Food Truck

Wisconsin Cheese Curds - Heirloom Food Truck Cheese Curds

Heirloom is a farm to table food truck that travels around the Milwaukee area. Although they are typically in Wauwatosa, they visit Milwaukee as well and I absolutely could not leave them off of this list. CLOCKSHADOW CHEESE battered perfectly. Somehow, these babies are always gigantic. They are served with a drool-worthy jalapeno ranch AND a tomato jam on the side. The people that run this truck are just as wonderful as the cheese curds they serve. These are a must-have in Milwaukee.

Who’s on Third

Wisconsin Cheese Curds - Who's On Third Cheese Curds

Who’s on Third serves battered curds using Lakefront Brewery Riverwest Stein. The cheese curds melt in your mouth. The cheese pull is magnificent. They are served with ranch, marinara, AND Who’s Sauce (fricken delish). Although I’m a ranch girl through and through, I love a unique sauce and I love a variety of sauces even more.

Crafty Cow

Wisconsin Cheese Curds - Crafty Cow Cheese Curds

In a turn of events, Crafty Cow uses Ellsworth Creamery cheese in their curds! Ellsworth actually has an entire festival where vendors make tons of unique dishes with curds. I’ve attended. It’s magical. I digress… the curds at Crafty Cow are so tasty. They are served in a big metal bowl and I very much appreciate the portion size. They batter is extremely light and the cheese is super stretchy AND super melty. It’s the perfect combination. They are served with homemade ranch which I love so very much.


Wisconsin Cheese Curds - Olydia's Cheese Curds

I stopped by O’lydia’s on a total whim for my birthday a few years back. It was a completely random choice on my end and it resulted in so much delicious food. They use Clock Shadow cheese curds which makes total sense … they are practically neighbors. These curds are served with a spicy pineapple sauce. Weird? Yes. Delicious? Also yes. The sauce is extremely flavorful and pairs so well with the cheese. These curds are breaded and I like them a lot, which says something because I tend to gravitate towards batter.

On Tap

Wisconsin Cheese Curds - On Tap Cheese Curds

The curds at On Tap were eaten on a whim, too, and boy did they make me happy. I’m not sure what cheese they use, but I know that their beer batter is made with Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. It is so light and crispy and the cheese pull is phenomenal. These are also served with homemade ranch and it passed the thick test. On Tap is newer to the scene but they know what they’re doing. A restaurant that knows how to make good curds is a stellar spot in my book.


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