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5 Wisconsin & Michigan Waterfalls Worth Visiting

Did you know that there are waterfalls in Wisconsin? I didn't, until a few years ago. But when I found out I made a personal goal to visit a waterfall whenever I had the chance. I've seen over a dozen at this point, but here are 5 Wisconsin & Michigan waterfalls worth visiting.

Potato River Falls

Located near the town of Gurney, Wisconsin, Potato River Falls is a sight to behold. There are two large waterfalls - Upper falls and Lower falls. The hike to view the falls is not long, but there are a lot of stairs required - keep that in mind! I visited these falls while it was raining and they were worth the wet clothing.

Long Slide Falls

Long Slide Falls is located a few miles north of Pembine, WI; approximately 3 hours north of Milwaukee. The falls cascade for about 50 feet and it only takes 1/2 mile out and back to get there. I took Kona to see these waterfalls and I was so impressed! These may be my favorite waterfalls in Wisconsin so far.

Dave's Falls

Dave's Falls is located inside of Dave's Falls county park in Amberg, Wisconsin. The hike to the falls is lined with beautiful rock formations and is considered easy. There is a small fee to visit the county park, so plan for that before arriving. These waterfalls are absolutely gorgeous!

Bond Falls

Heading over to Michigan, the Bond Falls are absolutely worth the stop. These falls are located in Haight Township in Ontonagon County. It will take you a little less than 5 hours to get here from Milwaukee. If you heading to the Upper Peninsula, you have to make this stop. The hike from the parking lot to the falls is about .5 mile. Easy peasy!

Canyon Falls

Canyon Falls are also located in Michigan and are considered to be the "Grand Canyon of the UP." The falls are located in L'Anse, MI along the Sturgeon River. They cascade over 30 feet! The hike to get there is about 2 miles, so make sure to bring your walking shoes.

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