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Best Harvest Host Stays in my RV (so far)

If you are unfamiliar with Harvest Hosts, it is a program where individuals traveling in RV's/vans can stay at a local business for free with a membership. Business types typically include restaurants, breweries, wineries, golf courses, museums, etc. You are expected to purchase something at the location, but do not have to pay to park on their land. It's a really great way to try out a new place in the area! I prefer dispersed camping overall but it is not always available. I used Harvest Hosts as my back-up on my trip and have created a list of the best Harvest Host stays in my RV. This list will be part 1 with part 2 coming next week!

Wild State Cider

This was the first Harvest Host I stayed at and they definitely set the bar high. Wild State Cider is located in Duluth, MN. They had a reserved area in the back for my RV which was super convenient. The cidery has a huge patio, a food truck, and an awesome indoor space. It was nice to be able to have Kona hang out with me after our day of driving. If I lived in the area, I would be a regular at Wild State Cider. It's a vibe.

Phat Fish Brewing

I debated whether or not to put Phat Fish Brewing on this list. This brewery is located in Dickinson, North Dakota and they have an awesome outdoor patio. The beer was good and so was the food! It was a little pricey but I had leftovers so I was okay with it. Phat Fish Brewing is right next to a train track which made it very difficult sleeping-wise. Aside from that, this stop was worth it

Spring Family Farm

rv in front of bridger mountains

This spot was not a business but a 4th generation farm. And my GOODNESS it was the most gorgeous place I have ever stayed. Located in Belgrade, Montana, this farm has gorgeous views of the Bridger Mountains. Their RV area is right next to a small creek and plenty of room to walk the pup around the property. The hosts were extremely accommodating and I really hope we make it back there some day.

Mustang Mountain Vineyard

dog inside of mustang mountain vineyard

Mustang Mountain Winery was the first vineyard I stayed at on my trip and it was magical. I parked between the winery building and the vines - gorgeous! Kona and I were able to walk around the vineyard before bed and it was very nice to have space to wander. And the wine! The wine was fantastic. The two women who run Mustang Mountain were so welcoming and knowledgeable about their wine. We loved our stay here!

Idaho Potato Museum

When I saw the Idaho Potato Museum on the Harvest Host app I knew I had to visit. I mean come on, what a freakin' dream! The stay was a bit loud due to some nearby train tracks, but that is my only complaint. I got in late so I checked out the museum the next day. It was so much fun! There are tons of different items and literature to read about how potatoes are made and how the process has changed over the years. Best part? The restaurant with delicious French fries.


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