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Places to Visit 3 Hours From Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as a party city - bright lights, gambling, live shows, music, and lots of alcohol. I have spent my fair share of time on the Las Vegas Strip and my favorite: Fremont Street. I love Vegas BUT as a solo female RV-er, hanging out at bars and casinos by myself did not seem like the safest option. I also don't think my dog would have enjoyed spending all of that time alone. So instead, I opted to find a handful of things for us to do within 3-hours from the city of Las Vegas. Buckle up for these places to visit within 3 hours of Las Vegas!

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is the closest Vegas activity - approximately 25 minutes west of the city. We actually spent an entire week boondocking on one of the canyon roads - absolutely beautiful! There are several hiking trails to take advantage of as well as rock climbing, OHV trails, mountain biking, and a scenic drive if you're more of a "look don't explore" type of person. This is a great day-trip option if you want to get away from The Strip for a bit!

Valley of the Fire State Park

Valley of the Fire State Park has been one of my favorite places so far on our trip. It is located approximately 45 minutes north east of Las Vegas. National parks frustrate me because of their dog regulations, so I tend to explore state parks whenever possible. The hiking here is outrageous - so much to see! The red sandstone formations are so picturesque. I could have spent multiple days just exploring. There is a $10 entrance fee ($15 if you are not from NV) but I promise it is worth it.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead is approximately 30 minutes east of Las Vegas. We actually disperse camped right on the water after our trip to Valley of Fire. Lake Mead National Recreation Area is the largest in the United States! And man is it pretty. Our night was absolutely wonderful - we even heard some wild donkeys in the distance (yes, that's a real thing). The following morning, we hiked a whole bunch before heading out. Gorgeous, gorgeous area with so much to offer.

Zion National Park

A little further of a drive (2 hours but absolutely worth it) is Zion National Park. This National Park quickly made it's way to being one of my favorites. I only did two short hikes but the views were breathtaking from every angle. I did not hike the infamous "Narrows" because that would have meant leaving Kona in the RV for far too long. Depending on when you visit the park, you may have to use their shuttle service. Because we came during off-season, we were able to drive through ourselves and I think that made for a better experience. I would love to come back here some day and explore even more.

Red Cliffs National Recreation Area

Before you hit Zion National Park, make a stop at Red Cliffs National Recreation Area in southwest Utah. The recreation area is home to over 130 miles of designated hiking and biking trails. Kona and I went bright and early for a hike but ended up staying there all day. We went on a second hike in the afternoon before leaving - it is just that good! They also have several mountain biking trails and equestrian trails available for public use.

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