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Cheese Shops in Wisconsin I love (part two)

We all know I love deep fried cheese curds, but generally speaking, I love cheese. I love stopping at local cheese shops while I am travelling. I have been to SEVERAL more than what is included on this list - these are just some of my favorites.


Renard's is by far one of my favorites. I selfishly wish they were closer so I could visit them more often. They are located in Sturgeon Bay, the perfect pit stop on your way into Door County. Their cheese curds are used in A LOT of the deep fried curds in Door County - and for good reason. They make such a wide variety of delicious cheese and have samples throughout the store for you to try. There is also a small bistro inside of the store if you're craving something more substantial.


Cheesers is located in Stoughton, Wisconsin, which is about 25 minutes southeast of Madison. The shop has been around for approximately 25 years, and absolutely screams "Wisconsin." You can sample different meats and cheese while you spend hours shopping your way through their gift section. They have fresh cheese curds!

Wisconsin Cheese Mart

Believe it or not, I visited Wisconsin Cheese Mart Milwaukee location for the first time just recently. They are located right Milwaukee, making it the perfect stop for Milwaukee visitors. They have a wide selection of meat, cheese, locally made beverages, and other fun Wisconsin items. There is a second location in Madison!

La Clare Creamery

La Clare Creamery specializes in goat cheese. Not only do they have a store inside, but there is also a cafe, greenhouse, tours, and more. You can read about it here.

La Clare is located in Malone, Wisconsin. This made the list as one of my favorites because there are just SO many options. And I don't want to discriminate against goat cheese! I sampled so many different cheeses while I was here - you can't go wrong with any of them.

Hill Valley Dairy

Hill Valley Dairy is located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. This spot is a little unique because not only do they have a cheese shop - they also have a cheese bar. It is a separate area that is connected to the store where you can drink wine and taste cheeses. Try their whiskey cheddar cheese... it's one of my absolutely favorites.


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