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Milwaukee Area Breakfast Sandwiches Part 5

Time for the next round of Milwaukee area breakfast sandwiches! This will be the last "part" of my series, but do not fret! I plan to create a master list along with a downloadable Google Map that will be updated on a regular basis! Thank you to my friend Julia for this suggestion - it's a great idea and I am excited to execute it!

Ney's Premium Meats

breakfast sandwich ney's premium meats

Ney's Premium Meats in Slinger was such a delicious experience. You can build your own breakfast sandwich - choose your meat, cheese, and bread! I went with brisket, egg, hashbrown, and cheese on a croissant. It was magical. If you live in Milwaukee, I promise it is worth the drive.

Grace Coffee Company

breakfast sandwich grace coffee company

Grace Coffee Company has a handful of locations - I visited the one in the third ward. This sandwich had scrambled eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, garlic aoili, and arugula. Make sure that you order the cheesy hashbrown bites on the side!

Better Together Cafe

breakfast sandwich better together cafe

I have been stalking Better Together Cafe for months and I still have not been able to try their milkshake drinks. Someday! You can choose between bacon, ham, or sausage for your breakfast sandwich. It is topped with an egg and cheddar cheese; served on an English muffin.

Beerline Cafe

BLATz at beerline cafe

This one is for all of my vegan friends! Beerline Cafe is located on the East Side in Milwaukee and they have a breakfast sandwich! I was a little hesitant, but I enjoyed it. The BLATZ is marinated tempeh, carrot bacon strips, avocado, tomato, & romaine. It comes with some zesty mayo and i loooved that.

Nosh Nook

Benny Bagel Nosh Nook West Bend

Last but not least, let's chat about Nosh Nook in West Bend. You can find them at the extremely popular farmer's market on Saturdays. Get there early if you want to try out this breakfast sandwich! The Benny Bagel is a bagel stuffed with fried egg, provolone cheese, ham, spinach, tomato and hollandaise sauce. It is what dreams are made of.


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