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How to Spend a Day in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Exploring the city of Kenosha? I've got a few ideas on how you can spend a day in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kenosha is a quaint city about 50 miles south of Milwaukee. Parts of Kenosha are right on Lake Michigan which makes the perfect place to spend a sunny day. If you are looking for food ideas, drink ideas, shopping ideas, or outdoor adventure, I've got you covered. Continue reading for suggestions on how to spend a day in Kenosha, Wisconsin.


We started the day at Captain Mike’s – I LOVED THIS PLACE. It is such a cool spot on the inside and they have garage door type windows to open up near the patio area when the weather is nice. Not only that, the food was *fire emoji*. I ordered an avocado toast and Erica ordered a breakfast sandwich. The prices were low and the food deliciousness level was high.

breakfast sandwich captain mikes kenosha wisconsin
inside of captain mikes kenosha wisconsin

Another spot that we ate at and enjoyed was 1844 Table & Mash. We ordered cheese curds and some fancy drinks. The curds here were the best I had in Kenosha. It’s inside of a hotel so I was a little worried about the food but honestly, one of the better restaurants in the city.

martini at 1844 table and mash kenosha wisconsin
deep fried cheese curds at 1844 table and mash kenosha wisconsin

The next location that I will mention is more of an experience than anything else. If you are looking for a drive-in restaurant while you spend a day in Kenosha, you should check out The Spot. Drive-in means that you order from your car and you eat in your car. The menu is pretty small, but we purchased a few things to test them out. They are known for their ice cream and their burgers.


Kenosha has a Sculpture Walk along the water. The sculptures are removed and replaced with new sculptures every two years.

While you’re taking the sculpture walk, you’ll see the lighthouses on Lake Michigan. Harbor Park is a really pretty area right on the shoreline. The lighthouses are beautiful and definitely bring a little bit of history to the area.


We visited Kenosha on a Saturday morning which means the HarborMarket was in full swing. The market is split into two different sections about a block away from each other. There is plenty of fresh produce, cheese, breads, and lots more!

A fun way to explore the city is via the Kenosha Electric Streetcar. It costs $1 per adult and covers about a 15-minute loop. The trolley drives past several art galleries, the Civil War Museum and the Kenosha Public Museum. It’s a great use a public transportation!


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