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Discover 5 Breathtaking Northern Michigan Waterfalls

I have visited "The UP" only a few times now but visiting a waterfall is always on my list. I have a whole photo album full of waterfall photos and videos; below is a list of the most recent Northern Michigan waterfalls I visited. If you are curious about the bug situation: yes, they were bad. I recommend long sleeves, pants, and socks, bug spray, and a head net to help.

Yondota Falls

When visiting Northern Michigan over Memorial Day weekend, we stayed at Lake Gogebic State Park. Yondota Falls are the closest waterfalls to the state park we could find. The drive was about 25 minutes and the hike to the first waterfall was only .10 mile. If you continue on the hiking trail, you will come across several more waterfalls. I suggest continuing on the hike because the falls get more impressive as you walk further.

Kakabika Falls

If you are not prepared to deal with bugs, I would not visit this Northern Michigan waterfall. The second we exited the vehicle, they swarmed us and they did not give up throughout the entire hike. This is another short hike, about .25 miles to the falls. The trail continues on if you want to keep hiking. These falls are probably the least impressive on this list, but they are still beautiful and within the same general area as Lake Gogebic State Park.

These next 3 waterfalls are located in the Presque Isle Scenic Area. They are all within a mile of eachother (probably less).

Manido Falls

Manido Falls was the first waterfall we stopped at in the Presque Isle Scenic Area. The hike to the trail is about .5 mile and the views are absolutely worth it. The way the sun was hitting the water during our visit ended with a rainbow across the waves. This trail contains a lot of stairs, so be prepared!

Manabezho Falls

Manabezho Falls is just around the corner from Manido Falls and boasts an extremely strong current. To get to the overlook, there are several flights of stairs. The pathway goes further than the initial waterfalls which allows you to soak in all of the views.

Nawadaha Falls

There is a hiking trail that connects Manabezho Falls, Manido Falls, and Nawadaha Falls within Presque Isle State Park. We did not take this hiking trail because we were exhausted from hiking earlier in the day. The shorter trail for Nawadaha Falls begins right at the entrance of Presque Isle State Park and is made up of gravel. This trail is the least dramatic of the falls within the Presque Isle Scenic Area, but still worth the views if you are there!


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