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Breakfast Sandwiches in Milwaukee - Full List & Google Map

If you're new here, I set out on a mission last year to find the best breakfast sandwich in the Milwaukee area. I love a bacon, egg, and cheese sammy and made it my goal to find the most delicious one I could.

After several months of "testing" and writing blog posts with 5 sandwiches each, I have combined them all into one list WITH a Google Map. Shout out to my friend Julia of That Wisconsin Couple for the idea and help with creating this. They have a few free digital downloads on their website that you should definitely check out - including a dog friendly map!

If you want to download the Breakfast Sandwiches map to save for later, visit my shop - it is free!

*there are a few sandwiches on the map that are not linked to a blog because they are not in the Milwaukee area.


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