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Milwaukee area dog walking spots (part one)

Kona is the best part of my life. We go on many adventures together and LOTS of walks! Most days, we roam around our neighborhood, but we love to jump in the car and visit other spots in the area for a change of pace. This list is a two-parter, you can check out the second list here.

Hartung Park

I discovered Hartung Park prior to adopting Kona. I used to run 5 miles each morning - to the park and back home. When I got Kona, it was the first place I brought her. It is along the Menomonee River Parkway in Wauwatosa. There is a large hill in the park with several trails coming and going. There's a small man-made lake, a jungle gym, and a bike trail near the river. This trail is my favorite place to take her - we make the long walk at least once a month and she always knows when it's time to pose for a picture (see above).

Oak Leaf Trail - Capitol to Silver Spring

Another spot I love to walk Kona is not far from Hartung Park and it is still part of the Oak Leaf Trail. We take a segment that's about 3 miles long down and back near Silver Spring Drive in Milwaukee. This segment always has a lot of bicyclists and other foot traffic. It's right along the river and provides us with so much wildlife. Kona tries to befriend the deer whenever we have a run-in with them (they still have not agreed to hang out with her).

County Grounds Park

County Grounds is also located in Wauwatosa (I like to stay close, ok?). This park is absolutely beautiful. The gravel loop is a little over 3.5 miles and takes you over the river and through the (Sanctuary) Woods... quite literally. This park is usually fairly populated but not TOO terribly so. It's very close to Hoyt Park Landing but allows for some quiet time with nature on the other side.

Mequon Nature Preserve

dog smiling at mequon nature preserve in mequon wisconsin

Heading a bit north, Mequon Nature Preserve is on the border of Milwaukee and Ozaukee County. The park is over 500 acres of prairies, wetlands, and forests. There are so many trails within the preserve - Kona and I could spend hours exploring. There is also an observation tower and several small ponds throughout. It's a very beautiful preservation.


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