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Best Harvest Hosts Stays in my RV - Part 2

If you are unfamiliar with Harvest Hosts, it is a program where individuals traveling in RV's/vans can stay at a local business for free with a membership. Business types typically include restaurants, breweries, wineries, golf courses, museums, etc. You are expected to purchase something at the location, but do not have to pay to park on their land. It's a really great way to try out a new place in the area! I prefer dispersed camping overall but it is not always available. I used Harvest Hosts as my back-up on my trip and have created a list of the best Harvest Host stays in my RV. This is part 2 of my list - find part 1 here.

Cinder Winery

Cinder Winery is located right outside of Boise, ID. It is literally the cutest winery. The atmosphere inside is very relaxed yet fun and the outdoor patio is gorgeous. I tried 3 different wines while we were here and thought they were all great. My favorite part of this stay was that Kona was able to hang out with me on the patio. They have a concrete slab in the back that was perfect for my RV!

Crockett Road Lavender Farm

crockett road lavender farm patio oregon

If I had to choose one Harvest Host to be the most thankful for, it's this one. I ended up here on accident due to a lot of wrong turns, lost cell phone reception, etc. and the folks at Crockett Road Lavender Farm let me stay on SUCH short notice. I was so grateful to be there and although it was off-season, it is such an absolutely beautiful place. We made ourselves a fire and relaxed on the patio with the scent of fresh lavender in the background. What more could you want?

Blue Heron Cheese Co.

I wish I could have stayed at Blue Heron Cheese Co for an entire week, it was perfect. The cheese company is also a farm and they dedicate a portion of it to RV-ers. Each RV has an assigned spot and you are allowed to stay for two days. I got to wake up to a rooster call! They also have a candy store along with a restaurant attached to the cheese shop. Everything you could ever need was within reach. It was awesome.

Willamette Valley Smokehouse

bbq at willamette valley smokehouse

This spot was also an unexpected but delightful find. We showed up quite late to Willamette Valley Smokehouse, but early enough to get some food and BOY am I glad we got to eat. The BBQ was absolutely delicious. The property has tons of outdoor seating, an event space, an outdoor bar, and patio games. If I hadn't been in such a rush to get to the next spot, I would have loved to stay another night. I chatted it up with the owner for awhile and he was fantastic.

Jackson Hole Still Works

I accidentally got a little tipsy while staying at Jackson Hole Still Works. I purchased myself a small bottle of vodka (which I did not drink), but also two of their "Sloshies" - alcoholic slushies. Those did me in. But the owner of the distillery was extremely knowledgeable and welcoming. Best part - there was a pup to play with. He loooooves fetch. I would return just to see him again.


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